Company History

Company History 2018-04-28T06:11:48+00:00

First of all, thank you for the time you being given to us (executives and staff of PT. HANADA MITRA SARANA) to introduce our company. We have been establishing since 2011 based on Bekasi with under name of CV. Hanada TriciptaHowever, currently we are continuously developing, upgrading and expanding as a General Supplier and application in the insulated panel system, which provides and supplies many categories/kinds
of goods and as Trading Consultant as our major business activities.

As time goes by, we will continue to make efforts in increasing the improvement of our company and therefore changed it’s name to PT. HANADA MITRA SARANA as a company that is developing to keep spreading its wings in this line of business since 2016 to become one of the leading companies. We are specialist on clean room, cold storage, pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage processing, hospital (Especially Operating Theater/ Ruang Operasi), port a camp (man camp), site accommodation camp, transportable building, insulated roofing, residential building, construction building & material, and maintenance. and at last, an authorized agent for application of Insulated Panel System through our product. As well as an agent / dealer and distributor, we are also installing and maintaining the whole set of this system. Thank you for corporation and we look forward to having a good relationship with you.